The Best in Pest Control Services in Clifton

Protect Your Home From Unwanted Pests

Don’t let pests or rodents take over your home this winter and spring.

Get rid of your pests in as quick as 24 HOURS

Our Guarantee

We do all the work to get rid of the pests in your home. Whether you have rats, mice, roach infestations, fleas, or bed bugs. PestXtractors will extract and radicate these critters from your home.


We are experts in rat and mice removal. We get rid of your rats and mice so you won’t have to worry.
@Don’t know if you have rats or mice, don’t worry. We will find where rats or mice are getting in and preventing them from returning.
Next we find these rats and mice nests that might be inside your house. We work with you to extract these critters from your home!

contact Us for the best rat and mice control

Bed Bugs Be Gone!

Have bed bug crawling up all over your bed? We mangage, get rid, and prevent those pesky critters from expanding. Don’t hesistate. Call the experts to stop the bed bugs in their tracks.


Make your home roach and pest-free

Roaches are no doubt major menaces to our homes. Get rid of roaches immediately if you have the slightest concern of an infestation. Roaches are best controlled using a combination of techniques. We will also provide treatment and prevention plans to get rid of these pests for good.

Don’t hesitate to call us to put a stop To these critters

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